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Understanding User Retention

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I’ve struggled for years to find the magic bullet that will make retention optimization painless and I’ve come to realise that if you change the way you look at retention, breaking it down into multiple stages, it becomes a much less scary beast. So if you’re ready to turn your scary monster into a cute…

Here’s Why Every Product Manager Must Learn To Love Data

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“Big data.” It’s one of Silicon Valley’s favorite buzzwords to hate, yet there’s no data shortage in sight as data companies continue sprouting (and growing) like weeds. It’s clear that data is here to stay, but many product managers are still yet to embrace data-driven product management…and they’re making a big mistake. Here’s why every…

Life of a Product Manager at Google

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As part of the Product Management team, you bridge technical and business worlds as you design technologies with creative and prolific engineers and then zoom out to lead matrix teams such as Sales, Marketing and Finance, to name a few. You have a bias for action and can break down complex problems into steps that…

Interview with Ambassador of the Month: Dr. Tim Weingärtner

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Tell us a bit about yourself Tim, what are you doing? My position is Vice Dean and I’m responsible for research at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School for Information Technology. The school will start 2016 and will bring together the already existing disciplines of Technical Computer Science and Economic Computer Science.…

Interview with Andrey Sebrant from Yandex

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Born 1954 in Moscow, graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1977, PhD in Physics. Since 1995, was working in the field of internet marketing: Marketing Director of Glasnet (ISP), General Producer of Lycos Russia, Director of Product Marketing at Yandex since 2004. Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Internet Marketing (Russia) since 2001. How…

Taming the Squeaky Wheel

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Guest post by Emily Tate, speaker at the Product Management Festival. There is a phrase, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” The customer who complains the loudest, often gets what they want. In product management, it can be all too easy to give into these distractions and lose sight of the more strategic things on…

Lean UX: 5 Lessons from the Prussian Army

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Colman Portrait B&W

We would like to introduce Colman Walsh, one of our speakers at Product Management Festival 2015. Colman is the owner and founder of UXTraining.ie and has worked in user experience design for over 16 years. An alumnus of two world-class UX agencies – Sapient and iQ Content – he has worked with blue-chip clients in…

Concept behind the PMF 2015

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Here at the Product Management Festival, we are committed to providing an exciting and thought provoking conference. So for 2015, we will not only have some of the best product managers and inspiring leaders attending, but we have decided to give a new structure to the presentations and workshops at the PMF. This structure is…

Interview with PMF Ambassador Gerald Weith

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This week we have invited Gerald Weith, one of our key Ambassadors for the Product Management Festival to share his experiences and opinions on our blog.  With over 5 years experience in product management, Gerald is an active member of the community and currently he works as a consultant for Leanovate in Berlin. Get your…

Meet and Greet the New PMF Product Manager

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We would like to introduce our new Product Manager, Iulia Porneala.  Her personal mission is to raise the success of the Product Management Festival to new heights. First of all, let us congratulate you on joining the Product Management Festival team.  Can you explain briefly to our readers what your role will be? I am…