FAQ Speakers

Where and when can I submit my abstract proposal?

If you have an interesting topic to share with our audience please submit your presentation here until May 15, 2016.

When do I know if my presentation has been accepted?

You will know by June 9, 2016 if your presentation has been accepted.

What is the first step after acceptance?

You are kindly asked to provide us with a high quality picture from each of you within 48 hours. The pictures will be published on our website and used in marketing materials. Also, please let us know your social media accounts (Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Xing) if available and you would like to have these featured on the website.

What will be the duration of my presentation?

Please keep in mind that the presentation slot is 30 minutes, which is broken down into a 21 – 26 minute presentation with a 4 – 9 minutes Q & A session at the end.

Do I need any technical equipment?

Please also kindly let us know, what kind of equipment you need for your presentation, such as hand-held-microphone, headset-microphone, sound, flipchart, pin board, adapter, etc. We cannot guarantee for any on-site requests.

Do I get a free ticket to the conference?

A free ticket will be made available to all speakers. The respective code will be sent out prior to the conference.

Who covers the costs for travelling and accommodation?

As a Speaker you will benefit from free entrance and free meals during the conference. Transport and accommodation costs fall into your/your company’s responsibility.

What format does my presentation need to be in?

The week before the conference on 7 November 2016, we will need your final presentation in both powerpoint/keynote and pdf formats as backup. Please note that directly after the conference we make the pdf copies of each presentation available to attendees through the Product Management Festival website. Should we do not receive any new version of your presentation, we’ll use the one you handed in while the call for speakers process. You’ll be presenting from your own laptop.