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Understanding User Retention

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I’ve struggled for years to find the magic bullet that will make retention optimization painless and I’ve come to realise that if you change the way you look at retention, breaking it down into multiple stages, it becomes a much less scary beast. So if you’re ready to turn your scary monster into a cute…

7 Ways a Product Manager can Double Revenue

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It doesn’t matter how good your product is, how many features and deliverables you pack into it, how many happy praises you get from delighted users, if the company behind the product isn’t growing, then you as the product manager, have work to do. At InnerTrends, the team likes to deconstruct growth, pick at it and…

A Product Manager’s 7 New Year’s Resolutions

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The New Year is just around the corner and many of us have started to make New Year’s resolutions. If not on paper, then at least as a mental exercise. It is funny how the resolutions sound so similar from year to year and from person to person. As diligent product managers, we’ve put together…