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Life of a Product Manager at Google

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As part of the Product Management team, you bridge technical and business worlds as you design technologies with creative and prolific engineers and then zoom out to lead matrix teams such as Sales, Marketing and Finance, to name a few. You have a bias for action and can break down complex problems into steps that…

How to Prioritize your Product Roadmap

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The following is an excerpt adapted from Get Your Priorities Straight! The Product Manager’s Guide to Smart Product Roadmap Prioritization, our free eBook geared towards product managers facing some tough decisions as they map out the next leg of their product’s journey on their product roadmap. Get the full version for detailed advice on how…

The Importance of Being Market Driven

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Companies that go to market are faced with a daunting statistic: As many as 95 percent of new products fail. So where exactly do the problems fall? Are you not building the right products? Adding features without adding value? Or not getting your products in front of the right people? No matter where the problems…